Company Profile

Kastamonu Entegre, who produces the raw and melamine coated particle boards, glossy panels, MDF, laminate flooring, tops, door panels and value added products for the needs of the furniture, decoration and construction sectors, has a consolidated turnover of 1.3 billion Dolar and is a global power  positioned as the 1st of its sector in Turkey,  the 4th in Europe and the 7th in the World. Today, with its 6000 employees and with its production power, knowledge and experience, with its exports made to 100 countries from Middle America to India, it is the 1st in its sector and the 40th among the first 500 Industrial enterprises listed by the Istanbul Chamber of Industry.

Kastamonu Entegre has 19 factories at 7 countries and 14 different locations such as in Turkey, MDF and particle board at Gebze and Kastamonu, particle board at Balikesir, Samsun and Tarsus, MDF at Adana and overseas, door panels and particle boards in Romania, kraft paper in Bosnia Herzegovina, particle boards in Italy and Bulgaria, MDF in Russia, particle boards and wood chips in U.S.A.

Kastamonu Entegre is developing production processes and products within the frame of integrative sustainability and at the same time is materializing the projects concerning the environmental protection. Its environmental and sustainability approaches are considered   preliminary conditions from the investment and growth policies point of view . Adopting an integrative approach on “environment” not only from the product point of view but also concerning all the processes from material supply to production stages, Kastamonu Entegre is taking care that manufacturing in all its production facilities is made suitably to the environment and nature, from gas emission to energy, solid and liquid residue management, according to the approved standards in these fields

Kastamonu Entegre which is procuring the raw material for its production from sustainable sources, is using FSC® certified raw material. By integrating this raw material with the high technology used in production, it creates practical products which are resistant to heat, light, humidity, scratches, which are not harmful for the human health, environment and nature and have low formaldehyde emission. It is one of the biggest partners of ENAT which functions within the frame of the “Project for the establishment of the industrial forest plantations and their development”. The company has certifications such as ISO 9001 Quality Management  , OHSAS 18001 Work Health and Safety Management  , ISO 50001 Energy Management, CARB2 ( California Air Resources Board Phase 2) Certficate given by WKI, one of the most important accreditation institutions of the world , and also the Turquality Certificate. Production is made in conformity with the TSE and European Norms (EN).

Kastamonu Entegre, the target of which is to continue the two digit growth rate maintained since many years, is continuing its activities with the vision of becoming one of the biggest 5 producers in the course of the coming 10 years.

KEAS Domestic Production Plants

  •  Kastamonu Facilitiy

Raw and melamine coated particle board are produced in 127,000 m² outdoor and 30,000 m² indoor area.

  • Gebze MDF & Particle Board Plant

Raw and melamine coated MDF, raw and melamine coated particle board, laminate flooring and painted panels are produced in  557,000 m² outdoor and 152,000 m² indoor area.

  • Tarsus Particle Board Plant

Raw and melamine particle board are produced in 45.011 m² outdoor and 15,000 m² indoor area.

  • Balıkesir Particle Board Plant

Raw and melamine coated particle board and painted panels are produced in 272.368 m² outdoor and 83.845 m² indoor area.

  • Kastamonu MDF Plant

Raw and melamine coated MDF, laminate flooring and painted panels are produced in 426.000 m² outdoor and 99.000 m² indoor area.

  • Samsun Particle Board Plant

Raw and melamine coated particle boards are produced in 114.000 m²  outdoor and 32.000 m²  indoor area.

  • Adana MDF Plant

Raw and melamine coated particle boards and laminate flooring are produced in 383.000 m²   outdoor and 95.000 m²  indoor area.

KEAS Abroad Production Plants

  • Kastamonu Romanıa S.A. – Particle Board and Doorskin Plants

Door skin, raw and melamine coated particle boards and worktops are produced in 514.000 m²  of outdoor and 140.000 m²  of indoor area.

  • Kastamonu Bulgaria A.D. – Particle Board Plant

Raw and melamine coated particle boards and pelet are produced here in an outdoor area of 189,000 m² and indoor area of 41,000 m².

  • Natron Hayat – Bosna Hersek - Kraft Paper Plant

Kraft paper is produced in an outdoor area of 1.006.000 m² and indoor area of 101.000 m².

  • Kastamonu Integrated – Rf Tataristan - MDF Plant

Raw and melamine coated MDF and laminate flooring are produced in a 1 million m² outdoor and 125.000 m² indoor area.

KEAS domestic companies

Hayat Energy

The Hayat Energy company which was founded in year 1974 within the Hayat Holding became the sector Pioneer by  making the first cogeneration installation with gas turbine in the MDF sector in year 1994 
At the moment, the Hayat Holding group companies possess an installed power capacity of 233 MW at 10 locations of their domestic and overseas investments. In these facilities there are steam turbines, gas turbines and gas motor turbines. The target is to materialize the overseas projects for electricity generation and sales.

Hayat Energy, which puts emphasis on the electricity generation projects in the renewable energy field, has put into function the Biomass Plant at the Gebze factory in year 2015, which uses the wooden residues of the company Kastamonu Entegre and has given start to similar projects at other locations. The 1MW Solar Energy Plant  project, a roof application at the Adana facilities, is now at the installation stage. The Hayat Energy Company, as the leader of the Turkish electricity market, is continuing its works targeting the creation of sustainable values for all its stakeholders by using a vertical integration strategy for production, distribution, wholesale and retail sales in the energy sector, by materializing the environmentally friendly, high productivity, cheap energy and sustainable projects together with its most efficient employees and by being itself an excellence model.

Hayat Innovation

Hayat İnovasyon ve Otomotiv Çözümleri A.Ş. ( innovation and automotive solutions) founded within the Hayat Holding has set off for providing services to the Turkish users and fleets with a new and ambitious solutions portfolio. The mentioned transformation systems which integrates the advanced level of automotive technology “know-how” is concentrating on fuel saving and traffic safety at the first stage

The natural gas infrastructure is existing in every corner of our country which is fast becoming an energy bridge. The consumption of liquid natural gas as vehicle fuel, is causing the decrease of  harmful exhaust gases and particles from fuel. In line with this target, the company is actualizing its environmental, sustainable and economic energy consumption policy by converting the heavy vehicles to CNG ( concentrated natural gas) consumption.


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